River Valley Green Condo Project Information

River Valley Green Condo Project Details
Project NameRiver Valley Green Condo
Address of DevelopmentRiver Valley Green (Parcel A)
Project DeveloperDeveloper
Tenure99 Years Leasehold Development
Site Area100,104 square feet
Gross Floor Area350,364 square feet
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 380 Units

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    River Valley Green Condo Location

    River Valley Green Great World City
    River Valley Green Condo Location

    River Valley Green Condo Updates

    : Latest Condo by Developer Launching Soon.

    : Core City Development right next to Great World City MRT Station.

    13-Feb-2023: Please kindly register here for the latest VVIP dates and discounts.

    11-Feb-2023: Check out the latest site plan and floor plan here.

    River Valley Green Condo District 09

    River Valley Green Condo Parcel A at Great World City MRT

    River Valley Green Condo at Great World City MRT Station” is a residential development in Singapore, offering a harmonious blend of city life and natural tranquility. Let’s delve into its various facets including location, design, amenities, connectivity, and lifestyle:

    River Valley Green Condo Parcel A is ideally located near the Great World City MRT Station in Singapore. This prime position in the city center ensures easy access to various parts of Singapore, while also providing a peaceful riverfront living experience. Situated along the Singapore River, it offers residents picturesque views and a tranquil environment, creating a perfect balance between urban living and natural surroundings.

    The architectural design of River Valley Green Parcel A Condo is a fusion of contemporary style and practical living spaces. Its modern aesthetic, characterized by clean lines and glass exteriors, maximizes natural light and provides breathtaking views of the river and cityscape. The condo offers various unit types, ranging from one to four-bedroom apartments, designed to cater to different needs – from individuals and couples to families. Each unit is outfitted with premium finishes and fittings, emphasizing luxury and comfort.

    River Valley Green Parcel A Condo boasts a variety of amenities that aim to elevate the living experience of its residents. These include a modern gym, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse. The development is also adorned with landscaped gardens and communal outdoor areas, allowing residents to unwind in the serene riverfront atmosphere. Proximity to Great World City Mall ensures easy access to extensive shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

    A key benefit of River Valley Green Parcel A Condo is its exceptional connectivity. Located near the Great World City MRT Station, residents have convenient access to the Thomson-East Coast Line, linking them to various parts of the city. This connectivity is particularly advantageous for professionals working in the Central Business District and families with school-age children. Additionally, the development is well-served by major road networks, facilitating easy vehicular access.

    Residing in River Valley Green Condo offers a lifestyle that is both dynamic and peaceful. It allows residents to enjoy the vibrancy of city life while providing a calm riverfront setting to return to. The development fosters a community spirit, with shared facilities that encourage social interaction among residents. This communal atmosphere enhances the living experience, creating not just a place to live, but a community to belong to.

    Sustainability is a core aspect of River Valley Green Condo’s design philosophy. The development incorporates eco-friendly features, aiming to reduce its environmental footprint. These include energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, and green spaces, which not only help in reducing utility costs for residents but also contribute to sustainable urban living.

    River Valley Green Parcel A Condo, with its coveted location, superior design, and comprehensive amenities, represents an attractive investment opportunity. Its proximity to major business areas and unique riverfront appeal make it appealing for both the rental and resale markets. The area’s ongoing development and infrastructural upgrades further bolster its investment appeal.

    River Valley Green Parcel A Condo at Great World City MRT Station offers a unique living experience that blends urban convenience with the serenity of riverfront living. Its strategic location, array of amenities, excellent connectivity, and commitment to environmental sustainability make it a compelling choice for a diverse range of residents. As a home or an investment, River Valley Green Condo stands out as a distinguished and desirable property in the Singapore real estate landscape.

    River Valley Green Condo Core City Centre

    River Valley Green Condo Located Near to Transportation Options

    In the vibrant landscape of Singapore’s real estate, River Valley Green Parcel A Condo emerges as a beacon of connectivity and convenience. Nestled near the bustling Great World City, this residential development stands as a testament to modern living, seamlessly connected to the pulse of the city. This exploration dives into how River Valley Green Parcel A Condo stands out in terms of connectivity, specifically highlighting its proximity to MRT stations, major roads, and expressways.

    Proximity to MRT Stations

    One of the standout features of River Valley Green Condo is its proximity to multiple Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations. These stations form the backbone of Singapore’s public transportation network, offering residents quick and easy access to various parts of the city.

    • Great World MRT Station: Just a stone’s throw away, this station on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) is a gateway to numerous destinations. From here, residents can effortlessly reach the shopping havens of Orchard Road or the bustling Marina Bay financial district.
    • Somerset MRT Station: A short distance from the condo, Somerset station on the North-South Line (NSL) opens up avenues to key commercial and recreational areas, including the renowned shopping district of Orchard Road.
    • Fort Canning MRT Station: Located on the Downtown Line (DTL), Fort Canning station provides easy access to the cultural hubs of the city and the Central Business District (CBD).

    Major Roads and Accessibility

    River Valley Green Condo is not just well-served by MRT stations but also by a network of major roads and thoroughfares. These roads ensure that whether one is driving or using public transport, accessibility is always at its best.

    • River Valley Road: Running directly through the heart of the area, River Valley Road is a major arterial road that provides direct access to various parts of the city, including the CBD and Orchard Road.
    • Kim Seng Road: This road serves as a crucial link to the Great World City shopping complex and further connects to the bustling areas of Tiong Bahru and Zion.

    Connectivity via Major Expressways

    The strategic location of River Valley Green Condo is further enhanced by its accessibility to several of Singapore’s major expressways. These expressways provide fast and efficient travel across the island, making it ideal for residents who drive.

    • Central Expressway (CTE): The CTE is one of the major expressways in Singapore, providing direct access to the northern and southern parts of the island. It connects River Valley to areas like Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, and the city’s northern suburbs.
    • Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE): Linking the western parts of Singapore to the CBD, the AYE is a key expressway for residents traveling to areas like Jurong, Clementi, and Buona Vista.
    • Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE): This expressway offers a direct route to the eastern parts of Singapore, including the Marina Bay area, East Coast Park, and Changi Airport.

    The Convenience of Urban Living

    The exceptional connectivity of River Valley Green Condo to MRT stations, major roads, and expressways underscores the convenience of urban living. Residents can enjoy quick commutes to work in the CBD, leisurely weekends at Orchard Road’s shopping malls, or evening strolls along the Singapore River – all within easy reach.

    Educational and Recreational Connectivity

    Beyond just work and leisure, the connectivity also extends to educational institutions and recreational areas. Prestigious schools and colleges are easily accessible via the well-connected transport network. Recreational spots like the Fort Canning Park, Clarke Quay, and the Singapore River promenade offer leisure and relaxation opportunities just minutes away.

    River Valley Green Condo represents the epitome of connected urban living in Singapore. Its proximity to key MRT stations like Great World, Somerset, and Fort Canning, along with major roads like River Valley Road and Kim Seng Road, and expressways such as the CTE, AYE, and MCE, makes it a highly desirable residence for those who value convenience and accessibility. This connectivity not only enhances the daily lives of its residents but also adds to the property’s value, making it a wise investment in Singapore’s ever-evolving urban landscape. Whether for professionals, families, or investors, River Valley Green Condo offers a lifestyle that is both dynamic and effortlessly connected.

    River Valley Green Condo City Centre

    River Valley Green Condo Located near to Shopping Centres

    Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s bustling cityscape, River Valley Green Condo stands as a symbol of modern urban living, harmoniously blending luxury and convenience. One of its most appealing attributes is its proximity to a plethora of shopping centers, especially around the Great World City area. This comprehensive exploration highlights how this prime location offers an unparalleled shopping experience for its residents.

    Great World City – The Epicenter of Shopping and Entertainment

    At the forefront of these shopping havens is Great World City itself, a mixed-use development comprising of retail, office, and serviced apartments. This mall is a one-stop destination for everything from fashion and beauty to groceries and entertainment.

    • Fashion and Lifestyle: Housing an array of fashion outlets, Great World City caters to diverse styles and preferences. From high-street brands to boutique stores, residents can indulge in a shopping spree that meets their fashion needs.
    • Gourmet Delights: The mall is also a foodie’s paradise, offering a variety of dining options. Whether it’s local delicacies, international cuisine, or gourmet food, there’s something to satisfy every palate.
    • Entertainment and Leisure: Great World City isn’t just about shopping; it’s a place for entertainment too. With its cinema and various leisure activities, it’s a perfect spot for family outings and weekend relaxation.

    Accessibility to Other Shopping Centers

    Beyond Great World City, River Valley Green Condo’s location allows easy access to other major shopping centers, making it a haven for shopping enthusiasts.

    • Orchard Road Shopping Belt: Just a few minutes away lies the famous Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier shopping district. Malls like ION Orchard, Takashimaya, and Paragon offer a blend of international and local brands, along with a vibrant mix of dining and entertainment options.
    • Clarke Quay Central: Situated along the Singapore River, Clarke Quay Central is a unique shopping destination known for its eclectic mix of retail stores and waterfront dining experiences. It’s an ideal place for those who enjoy shopping in a scenic environment.
    • Tiong Bahru Plaza: A blend of old and new Singapore, Tiong Bahru Plaza offers a more laid-back shopping experience with a mix of contemporary and traditional stores. It’s a great place to explore local boutiques and enjoy comfort food at its best.

    The Luxury of Convenience

    The proximity of River Valley Green Condo to these shopping centers redefines convenience. Residents can enjoy the luxury of having a variety of shopping options just a short walk or drive away. This accessibility not only enhances the quality of life but also saves valuable time.

    A Shoppers’ Paradise in Urban Living

    Living in River Valley Green Condo means being in the heart of a shoppers’ paradise. Whether it’s last-minute grocery shopping, a day out for high-end retail therapy, or a casual evening stroll through a mall, everything is within reach.

    Family-Friendly Shopping Experiences

    For families residing in River Valley Green Condo, these shopping centers offer more than just retail outlets. They are places where families can spend quality time, be it through shared meals, movie outings, or simply walking through the lively corridors of the malls.

    River Valley Green Condo’s proximity to Great World City and other shopping centers is one of its most compelling attributes. It provides residents with an unmatched living experience where convenience, luxury, and lifestyle converge. This location advantage makes River Valley Green Condo not just a place to live, but a place to thrive, surrounded by the best shopping, dining, and entertainment options Singapore has to offer. Whether for families, professionals, or investors, this condo presents an opportunity to be part of a vibrant urban community, where every need and desire is just a few steps away.

    River Valley Green Condo 1

    River Valley Green Condo Near to Schools

    Situated in the heart of Singapore’s dynamic cityscape, River Valley Green Condo offers more than just luxurious urban living; it stands out as a prime location for families who prioritize education. Its proximity to a diverse array of reputable schools makes it an ideal choice for residents who value educational excellence. This detailed exploration looks into the various educational institutions near River Valley Green Condo, underscoring its appeal to families with school-going children.

    Proximity to Reputable Primary Schools

    The area around River Valley Green Condo is home to several well-regarded primary schools, known for their academic excellence and holistic education.

    • River Valley Primary School: Located just a stone’s throw away, this school is known for its strong academic programs and emphasis on character development. It provides a solid foundation for young learners in a nurturing environment.
    • Zhangde Primary School: This school is another excellent option for residents, offering a well-rounded education with a focus on both academic and non-academic pursuits, fostering creativity and critical thinking among its students.

    Access to Esteemed Secondary Schools

    For families with older children, the vicinity of River Valley Green Condo to some of Singapore’s finest secondary schools is a significant advantage.

    • Outram Secondary School: Known for its robust curriculum and a wide range of co-curricular activities, Outram Secondary provides a conducive environment for the holistic development of its students.
    • Gan Eng Seng School: This school has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and strong values education, making it a popular choice among parents seeking quality secondary education for their children.

    International Schools for Expatriate Families

    The River Valley area is also home to several international schools, catering to the needs of expatriate families residing in River Valley Green Condo.

    • ISS International School: Located in close proximity, ISS offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and boasts a diverse student body, providing a global educational experience.
    • Chatsworth International School: This school is another excellent option for international education, known for its inclusive environment and robust IB curriculum.

    Preschools and Kindergartens

    For the youngest residents of River Valley Green Condo, there are several preschools and kindergartens in the area, providing quality early childhood education.

    • EtonHouse Pre-School: Known for its inquiry-based learning approach and nurturing environment, EtonHouse is a popular choice for preschool education.
    • Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten: This kindergarten offers a Montessori-based curriculum, focusing on the holistic development of children in their early years.

    Specialized Schools and Enrichment Centers

    The area around River Valley Green Condo also features specialized schools and enrichment centers, offering courses and programs in various fields such as music, arts, and languages.

    • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA): For those interested in the arts, NAFA provides a range of courses in visual and performing arts and is within a convenient distance.

    The Impact on Family Life

    The proximity of River Valley Green Condo to these educational institutions has a profound impact on family life. It reduces travel time for school-going children, ensuring they have more time for both studies and leisure. Additionally, it provides parents with peace of mind, knowing that quality education is just around the corner.

    Enhanced Property Value

    For investors and property buyers, the close proximity of River Valley Green Condo to these esteemed schools adds to its appeal. Properties near well-known educational institutions often enjoy a higher resale value and demand.

    River Valley Green Condo is not just a symbol of luxury living in the heart of Singapore; it is also a hub for educational excellence. Its proximity to a range of reputable primary and secondary schools, international schools, preschools, and specialized institutions makes it an ideal residential choice for families. This strategic location ensures that residents have convenient access to quality education, enhancing both the lifestyles of its residents and the value of the property. Whether for families with young children, teenagers, or those seeking international education, River Valley Green Condo represents an opportunity to be part of a vibrant, education-focused community.

    URA Master Plan Benefits River Valley Green Condo

    River Valley Green Condo, located near Great World City in Singapore, stands to gain significantly from the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Master Plan. This strategic blueprint for Singapore’s development over the next decade is set to transform various aspects of city living, making areas like River Valley more livable, efficient, and vibrant. This comprehensive analysis explores how the URA Master Plan will benefit River Valley Green Condo, enhancing the value of its location and the quality of life for its residents.

    Enhanced Connectivity and Transportation

    One of the key focuses of the URA Master Plan is improving connectivity across Singapore. For River Valley Green Condo, this means:

    • Better Public Transport Networks: With plans to expand MRT lines and bus services, residents will enjoy even more seamless and convenient commutes. Enhanced connectivity to other parts of the city makes it easier for residents to travel for work, education, and leisure.
    • Road and Infrastructure Upgrades: Improvements in road infrastructure will ease traffic flow and reduce travel time, a direct benefit for residents who rely on road transport.

    Green Spaces and Sustainability

    The URA Master Plan emphasizes the creation of more green spaces and sustainable living, which aligns perfectly with the lifestyle at River Valley Green Condo:

    • Increased Greenery: Plans to introduce more parks and green corridors will enhance the natural beauty of the River Valley area. This not only improves air quality but also provides residents with more outdoor recreational options.
    • Sustainable Urban Living: Initiatives for environmental sustainability in urban planning will see the incorporation of eco-friendly designs and technologies in the neighborhood, contributing to a healthier living environment.

    Economic Growth and Employment Opportunities

    The Master Plan also includes strategies to bolster economic growth, which can bring several advantages to River Valley Green Condo:

    • Job Opportunities Near Home: With the development of commercial hubs in proximity, residents might find employment opportunities closer to home, reducing commute times and enhancing work-life balance.
    • Boost to Local Economy: The growth of businesses and industries in the area can lead to a thriving local economy, potentially increasing the value of properties like River Valley Green Condo.

    Development of Social and Community Facilities

    The plan also focuses on the development of social and community facilities, which will enrich the lives of those living in River Valley Green Condo:

    • Enhanced Community Spaces: New or upgraded community centers, libraries, and other public spaces will foster a stronger community bond and provide venues for social and recreational activities.
    • Better Healthcare Facilities: The development of new healthcare facilities ensures residents have quick and easy access to medical services, contributing to their overall well-being.

    Upgraded Educational Institutions

    With the emphasis on enhancing educational facilities, families at River Valley Green Condo can expect:

    • Improved Schooling Options: Upgrading existing educational institutions and possibly introducing new ones will provide residents with more choices for their children’s education, right in their vicinity.
    • Lifelong Learning Opportunities: The development of adult learning centers and facilities contributes to a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement.

    Impact on Real Estate Value

    The implementation of the URA Master Plan is likely to have a positive impact on the real estate value of properties like River Valley Green Condo:

    • Increased Property Value: As the neighborhood develops and becomes more attractive with enhanced amenities and connectivity, the demand for housing in the area is likely to increase, along with property values.
    • Attractiveness to Investors: The foresight and comprehensive planning make the area appealing to investors, who see long-term value in properties supported by sustainable and well-thought-out urban development.

    Quality of Life Enhancements

    Ultimately, the URA Master Plan aims to enhance the quality of life for Singapore residents:

    • Balanced Lifestyle: The blend of urban development with green spaces, community facilities, and enhanced connectivity promises a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for residents of River Valley Green Condo.
    • Vibrant Community Living: The development of new amenities and public spaces fosters a vibrant and active community life, enriching the living experience in the River Valley area.

    The URA Master Plan is set to bring a host of benefits to River Valley Green Condo and its residents. From improved connectivity and the introduction of green spaces to the bolstering of local economies and enhancement of community facilities, the plan covers all aspects of urban living. These developments not only promise a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle for the residents but also enhance the value and appeal of properties like River Valley Green Condo. As Singapore moves towards this future-forward urban landscape, residents of River Valley Green Condo can look forward to being at the forefront of a progressive, dynamic, and sustainable living environment.